Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh Dear

Peace Be With You!

I'm sorry for the few posts, I've just recently moved across several states, so I'm still settling in, making friends, ect.

I almost wish that I could change the name of this blog to just Remedyleaf.  I want this to be more about me and how I'm feeling, as well as about books and writing.

This is alright thought, I'm just going to post about a bunch of different things from now on.

Like to start, I've found this amazing Novel Writing Method that I want to share with you.  It's called the "Snowflake Method" here's a link:

I've been vary pleased with the results.  :) Although it may not work for everyone, I'm enjoying the style.  Although I have had to cut out some steps.

I'm working on 4 major novel ideas right now. 2 of them are more priorities.  I'll call them (#1) Susan White,(#2) Rescuing Mac, (#3) Nellie is Dead, and (#4) What Shelly Taught Me.  "Susan White" and "Rescuing Mac" are the priorities, I would say.  *Note that these are not the real titles of what I am calling the projects.  If I ever refer to them on here, this is how I will refer to them.

Now don't think that I've just shut down, and am not knocking around other ideas as well.  Any of these projects could be shelved for later revisions if a new one feels more important.  Just like how old ideas can become fresh with a new review and outlook.

As well as novel writing, I've got some Free Verse Poetry that I'm working on.  As you may know from several past posts, Free Verse Poetry is probably my favorite.  I'm even considering submitting some of it to contests or magazines.  I'll be sure to post if anything major happens. ;)

Today's Saying: You only live once.