Review Policy

I review the books that I want to read, but I am open to requests.

I typically read YA books, but the occasional middle reader or adult book might sneak their way in.  As for genre, I'm not picky, but usually Fiction.  Although Historical, Romance, and Mystery are my favorite kinds of fiction! ;)

Cover photos and blurbs are credit to or

My reviews are not necessarily positive, but they give an honest review of the plot, characters, and writing style to the best of my ability.

Most reviews are copied onto Goodreads.

I am currently accepting review copies.  For further inquiries please email me at
**Please note:
I prefer YA and Middle Grade Books
No Erotica (Which shouldn't really be in YA or Middle Grade anyway)
My reviews are completely honest, and completely my opinion.  If you ask for my review please respect what I have to say.

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