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Hi I'm Remy!

 About Me:

I'm a nerdy teenage introvert who loves reading, writing, the Arts, and school.  I spend my time reading, writing fiction and poetry, drawing, playing piano and ukelele, singing, running, knitting, and blogging.  

Email: remybooksinherhead@gmail.com
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13 Additional and Glorious Facts:

1.  I occasionally suffer from insomnia.  

2.  I can't stand breakfast.  For some reason, I find it disgusting and when I force myself to eat something I end up gagging.  I don't end up eating much before nine.

3.  I have gray eyes that sometimes are bluer and sometimes greener.  They are hidden behind glasses.

4.  I love listening to indie style music, but my taste varies too.  My favorite artists/bands are Birdy, Two Door Cinema Club, Coldplay, Gabrielle Aplin, ADELE, the xx, Lindsay Stirling, the Naked and the Famous, Bon Ivor, Regina Spektor, A Fine Frenzy, Florence + The Machine, the 1975, AJR, Tracy Chapman, and Phoenix.

5.  I'm a vegetarian and I love it!  Don't even try and talk me out of it, I've heard it all and have stayed true for about five years.

6.  I want to someday become a Creative Writing Professor and an Author.

7.  Seven is my favorite number, my favorite color is cobalt blue, my favorite season is Autumn, and my favorite brand of shoes is Chuck Taylors.

8.  I have two hilarious cats named Lucy (After Lucy Pevensie from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe) and Fluffball (After her fluffy appearance).  They drive me crazy but always make me smile.  Usually when I'm either reading or typing in bed that is exactly when Lucy decides to come lay on me.  She interrupts a lot.

9.  Every morning when I wake up I write down what my dream was from that night.  I don't know if your dreams send messages, but I do think that they dive deeper into subconscious desires that we often don't realize about ourselves.

10.  I have stripes on some of the walls in my room, and several birch trees that I hang things from.

11.  I'm extremely ambitious and determined.  I'm one of those people who always craves to learn more.

12.    I tend to be observant and sensitive to a situation from all points of views.  

13.  If you ever want to chat about books or poetry or life email me at 

Blog History:

I started this blog in September of 2011, on the whim that I wanted to review books that I loved and share them with the world.  I've always loved recommending books to my friends, so why not the world?
I've come a long way since then, but things are always changing!

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