Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Book Reviews

Hello my glorious friends!

Today I have to tell you about three books I've read. One of which that might be claiming a seat on my list of favorite books!

The first one is Ultraviolet by R. J. Anderson. This was an amazing and compelling read. The characters kept me going, and the story was quite intriguing. A teenage girl wakes up in a mental hospital to find out she has just committed murder. Odd, really.

I will say that the ending was a little hard to bare, but I think I feel better about it now.

Anderson has written another Youth series, and is planning a sequel to the novel above to come out in 2013.

Next is The Isabel Factor by Gayle Friesen. This was a sweet, but not over the top book. (4 stars) I enjoyed reading the sweet story, that was surprisingly fairly original, though very predictable. (Summer camp, really?) I sat down and read it in one sitting, and didn't ever really feel obligated to stop, I just wasn't very taken with it.

But, I will say that main reason I even picked up the book was the descriptive and well written chapters, so that did make up a little for the average story.

Friesen has written several other YA novels, including her most recent one, The Valley.

Finally, the third book I am going to talk about is the raved about, The Selection by Kiera Cass. I picked up this book after much persistence from several friends, and I will admit that I am not disappointed....

So, a lottery for a chance at the hand of the Kingdom's Prince. Huh, an interesting take on Dystopian writing. It reminds me a lot of Cinder, which I read a few months ago and am anxiously awaiting the sequel.

The writing style was alright, nothing amazing in my opinion. It really was just the plot that kept you going.

Now we come to the part where I disagree with some other reviewers. I was totally content with the ending, even if you truly don't know.

From what I had heard about the ending, I was sort of finicky as I headed towards the end, but I'm fine,

Though I will admit that I may not have been so keen with the ending if I had not known that the sequel is coming out in October.

Cass is also the author of The Siren.

At the moment I am reading the book Dark Mirror by M. J. Putney, (Alter ego Mary Jo Putney, adult author...)

Au revior,


Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Post After Construction

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have't been posting, I was on a trip. But I got to do some reading, so I'm here to post for you.

I read the book Please Ignore Vera Deitz by A. S. King (A Printz Honor Book.) A. S. King has also written The Dust of 100 Dogs, another book,( but it's for kids) and is expecting 2 more books later this Fall.

Please Ignore Vera Deitz is about a senior in highschool named Vera. She is still struggling with the death of her best friend, Charlie, which happened months ago. Really though, she is struggling with the mess of secrets and lies he left her with. Now that's not the only thing wrong in Vera's life; she has a drinking problem, she isn't over the fact that her mother left her and her father, and she has an inappropriate relationship with a co-worker at the pizza place she works at. Over all, Vera is a real mess.

Wow, what to say about Vera's story. Let me just start and say that she and Charlie were pretty screwed up. Their lives were crazy, unimaginable, even though everything that happened really could happen.

Vera drove me crazy through out the book, her bad choices, the things that I could see that she should do. And Charlie did too. Everything that he didn't do, and the decisions he made. Uggh, at least it kept me reading. Usually characters that I can't stand keep me turning pages, though.

I will admit, that throughout the story, I loved Vera's father. He was my favorite character, just in everything that he did, the way he did it. He also had such an influence on her.

A. S. King did a great job morphing her plot and characters to fit a crazy book that I could read in a day. I enjoyed King's great style, and can recall leaving the book with a changed mind.

I totally recommend this book, and can't wait to read more by her!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Harry Potter


Everyone must be wondering, Remedyleaf, why on earth would you read Harry Potter? Well, I have a good explanation for you.

As a literature critic, I sometimes feel that I should be in touch with today's most popular writing. As the fact that Harry Potter is a very popular series, I felt that I should read it to understand where the millions of fans are coming from.

As for the writing, I understood how people could be ever so addicted to the story and characters, but the actual writing wasn't as amazing as one might have hoped. It was just... over average, nothing amazing so I was a little taken aback in that element.

I in no way regret reading the series, for I did enjoy it, and also feel it will help me in the career of literature critiquing.

That's it, write now I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird which I'm sure you've all heard of too. I'm really liking it. This is another read for the benefit of literature critiquing, though I probably would have wanted to read it anyway.