Monday, May 28, 2012


Dear my bloggies,

So you know how I just posted about Stealing Heaven? Well, when I was typing Elizabeth Scott's name, I thought it felt familiar, so I looked it up on Amazon (I like to research the books I read so I know about more books by the author, and if it's in a series)

Anyway, I was looking at books by the author, and I found a book called Perfect You. I READ THIS BOOK LAST SUMMER AND LOVED IT! Why the heck didn't I look for more books by Elizabeth?

I give you more after I finish Stealing Heaven



Blogger, you bug me!

heyo me bloggies !!! (Totally kidding!)

Hello my bloggers. (Any better?! Just kidding again!)

So hey, if you're wondering about the title, I'm really super annoyed with bloggers new "look" I can never find anything like I used to, and it just looks plain weird.

Really though, I came on to talk about this cool new book I'm reading called Stealing Heaven by Elizabeth Scott. (Anyone read it? Does it keep getting better? Should I read more by Elizabeth?)

I'll give you the 411 on it once I finnish. I'm on page 131 of 307 so it won't be too long! ;)

Talk to ya'll later!!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top 8

Dear Bloggies,

Top 8? Top 8 what? Books? Authors? Chocolates?

No, this is actually the title of the book I finished today.

Top 8 by Katie Finn, is the first book in the Top 8 trilogy. The other two books are called What's Your St@atus? and Unfriended. This is the only series Katie has written.

So... Top 8's protagonist is a girl named Madison MacDonald. She is a typical high-school girl with 4 best friends, and a super hot boyfriend. But when she get's back from Spring Break, where she had no connections to the outside world, she finds her FriendVerse (Like a Facebook or MySpace) has been Hacked!!! And someone has posted all the horrible comments and secrets!!! It seems that nothing is ever going to be the same again.

The way this book appeared was very interesting. A few times, the book showed Madison's actual FriendVerse profile, which had all her info, and shows her "Top 8" (Wait, what the heck is a Top 8? On FriendVerse, you have a list of your Top 8 friends, and at Madison''s school, the order of people in your Top 8 is very serious.) The "meat" of the book is written in regular old chapters.

For the plot and content... The main part of the story is about Madison trying to find out who the heck her hacker was. Well, I got super annoyed with Madison, I thought she was kind of a bratty, oblivious person. Then, I saw through the story, which really ticked me off, because I wanted to really enjoy the story. I realized who the hacker was!!! It was so disappointing. But... I didn't see through the story enough to see something else, so I am sort of torn between weather I like this book extremely so or much.

In the end, I think I have decided that I will rate the book 4 stars, because I could still keep reading even after I had realized the hacker, and Madison ended up being a bearable character

So, that is it. Please have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Okay, so two nights ago I finished Meagan Mead's Guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian. Kate has also written the Private series and Sweet 16.

So M M's G T T McG B is about a girl named, Meagan Mead, (Surprise, surprise!!) Meagan is 16 years old and his a fantastic soccer playing tom-boy. The story goes like this. Meagan is an army brat. She has moved around her whole life because of her father, but this last time no. South Korea (!?) heck no! So her parents give her the choice to come live with them or to stay with the McGowan's who live in Boston. The McGowans?? Meagan thinks. They're the family of dad's college buddy, and their 7 of them!!!! So thus, a story of drama, change, and a little bit of romance comes together.

I really enjoyed this book. (It took me only about 2-3 hrs to read it...) The writing style was just typical chapters for the most part, except for IM between Meagan and her BFF Tracey. Then also, there are Meagan's "observations" which are sent to Tracey via email. I really liked the plot line, I was surprised often, and I laughed out loud quite a lot. You might think that 7 boys is a lot to keep track of, along with other characters, but really it wasn't, because each characters was truly sooooo different.

My only complaint would be a few noticeable "saids" But that is something I find ever so commonly in books. (IF YOU EVER WRITE A BOOK, PLEASE DO NOT SAY 'SAID' ALL THE TIME!!)

Also, earlier this week, I continued on the 2nd draft of my novel. You know, I find it totally ok to pause while writing something like that. It gives your brain time to think with out you even realizing it.

So now I am reading The Host by Stephanie Myer

I'll come on again soon!!


Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm so sorry!

Dear my bloggies,

I apologize extremely for not posting

I have not really in the mood to critique books, but I am right now!! I hope that from now on I can really get back into my groove!

Alright, so I just read Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt. Lauren also wrote The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney and Aces Up.

Two Way Street is about a girl named Courtney. Weeks ago she planned to drive to college with her boyfriend as a fun road trip. But now that boyfriend is an ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend who dumped her for some "MySpace girl". But maybe Courtney doesn't know everything. That ex (Jordan) may have some secrets too. Secrets about their messy break-up.

This book was interesting. Written from the points of view of Jordan and Courtney, before the trip, during the trip, and after the trip, you truly get to know the whole story. This plot is mostly surprising, and I often was laughing out loud at the ironicness. The characters are well defined, and not really typical over used characters. I enjoyed reading it, and would probably rate it 4 stars.

Anyway, that's about it!

See ya'll later!!1