Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flyte or Flight??????????

 Can you guys flye????? Or fly????

I know that I can fly, but....

'Totally kidding! Someday though, I want to fly!!

This morning, I finished Flyte. (Remember? The sequel to Magyk by Angie Sage???)

Anyway, lets analyze the title!!!

Flyte.... Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

Okay, so in the magykal world that the Septimus Heap series takes place, flyte is a lost magykal art, for the few flyte  charms that are used to flye were thought (hint, hint) to be lost a long time ago . With that, and a few more things, (like that some characters and pets learn to fly) Angie decided that the title must  become Flyte.

For the content of the book:

  • The old characters were defined and still were themselves, they didn't change too much in-between books
  • The new characters were explained
  • Some of the questions left over from the last book were answered
  • The continuous "series" plot made sense
  • It was just as funny and "laugh out loud" as Magyk, if not more
  • The writing made me excited to read the next book.
So, I positively recommend this book, only if you read Magyk first, of course!

Now I am beginning to read Summer of My German Soldier. I hope it is good!!!

I will accept book suggestions anytime, so start them commin'!

Au revior,


P.S. The magic word is LOTION!!!!!!!!!!! Uh huh!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012


!!! Alacazaaaam! Woosh!! Hokous Pokous!!!!

What's the magic word????? Post your answer as a comment, and I will reveal the word on the next post!!!

What is with all of this magic you ask????? Well, I just finished, (Well, yesterday) Magyk by Angie Sage!!!!!!!

This book is in the series Septimus Heap. The other books are Flyte, Physik, Queste, Syren, The Magykal Papers, and Darke.

I promise that reviews on the rest of the books will be coming sooooooooooooooon.

To continue, lets analyze the title...

Magyk............. Huh??

To explain...

The book is about a web of people living in common area. There is not a particular protagonist, but many of the many of the main characters possess a Magykical power, for Silas Heap, Marcia Overstrand, six of the Heap boys, and their mother Sarah, as well as the ex- ExtraOrdinary ghost wizard Alther and many others have been exposed to Magyk, and some of them are even wizards.

Thus, the title is Magyk.

Now, I love this book, even if it took me a few tries to get into it the first few times I tried to read it.

Angie did an amazing job with the characters and the plot!!!! My goodness what a plot!!!

I really don't think I have any complaints, for

  • the characters are described so well, and you get to know their backstories quickly
  • the setting is perfect, and you can imagine small details about it in your mind
  • the plot takes twists and turns, but there are little hints along the way...
  • the writing is extremely humorous, and I laugh out loud at many times throughout the book
Ahhhh, I don't know what I would do without my Angie Sage....

I truly recommend this book.

True to my word, I am now reading Flyte and am enjoying it!!!


Friday, March 23, 2012

Cinderella Gets a Twist!!!

Bonjour my SPRING BREAK friends!!!

Yestarday I finished the book Cinder bt Marissa Meyer. Cinder is in the series, (it is the first I might add...) called the Lunar Chronicles. The sequel Scarlet is set to come out in 2013, the 3rd book Cress is set to come out in 2014, and the 4th book Winter is set to come out in 2015.

Cinder is about a 16 year old cyborg girl named Cinder. She is a mechanic, and when the prince of the Commenwealth, Prince Kai, comes to her booth a the market asking for his android, (like a robot) to be fixed, a series of events trail after. These events change Cinder's life, and everything she thought she knew about herself.         ^
To analyze the title, : as said just up there, the protagonist is a girl named Cinder. The book is named Cinder. Well there you have it folks!!!!

For the content of the book;
  • I enjoyed the well thought characters and plot
  • The futuristic setting is appealing with this common modern trend
  • The writing style was normal, but the fact that it was a page turner made it hard to put down.
I don't really have any complaints, except that HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTILL 2013 TO READ THE SEQUEL?????????????????

Haha, I bet that got a laugh out of ya ;)

Anyway, now I am re-reading Magyk by Angie Sage. I first tried this book maybe 3 years ago, then tried it again 2 years ago. Both those times I didn't get into the book, but when I tried it last  year I got through the whole shabang and loved it.

I'm trying it for a 4th time, only because I have all of the sequels that I never read in my possesion, and I want to refresh my memory of what happended in the first book.

So toodle-lou, and happy reading!!!

Au reviour,


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Bonjour again SPRING BREAKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yestarday I finished the book Mission (Un)Popular by Anna Humphrey. This book is about a (Canadian) 7th grade girl by the name of Margot Buttun. {Interesting name, 'tisn't. But the througout the whole book, I never knew how to properly pronounce "Margot."} Anna is also the author of one other book, Ryhmes With Cupid.

To analyze the title, I think that the reason that it is called "mission (un)popular" is becuse when Margot, and her new friend Em decide to go up against the populars, they think they are becoming "Unpopular" This has an opposite effect.

This book was very see through. To explain; once I knew the characters, and got a feel for the book, I could see the plot. As if I had read the outline before I even started. This a very dissapointing thing to come from an author who I am not too familar with. Now I might refrain from her works.

Now for the characters.

I hated them.

To explain this, I will just say that they were not very nice. The protagonist was stuipid, rude, and disrespectful. As well as the friend who was supposed to be "modeling" those traits .(<------ If you still end of reading this [book], the "modeling" part is pretty funny) The mean girl (Most popular) was mean. The best friend was mean. The goody too-shoes private school girl was mean. The boy friend was mean. The class clown jerk was mean.

IT WAS ALL TOO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

For the most part though, after I got over the characaters, the fact that I could see where everything was going, and that there weren't that many twists, ruined it for me.

I really wouldn't recommend this book.

I hope you are reading some great things!!!!

Au revior!!!


A late Review!!!!

Bonjour Spring Breakies!!!!!!!!111

On my way to spring break, I re-read the book All American Girl by Meg Cabot. The first time I read this book was maybe two years ago. And I might have read it some other time even before that... But I don't really remember.

First, I am going to analyze the title with you. This is going to become something regular because titles are an important part of writign. They have to catch your eye from a book-shelf or a book list. So they must be grabbing (if you will.) Titles are just as important as the content that you write, so this is a very important subject.

All American Girl. Hmmmmmmmmm................?????????????????

For this book, the story is about an American highschool girl. (Named Samantha Madison)  Huh, I think that pretty much summs up our title eh?????

I'm just kidding.

In the book, Sam does do act that makes her seem particularly  American. (Of course, she is still a girl!!!!)

For the content of the book, a clear sign that it was fairly good was the fact that I was re-reading it. Which I  condider a typical thing for a book (that I liked) that alows this. (To explain; there are books that you can re-read anytime, and always love it the whole way through, while when re-reading others you [might possibly] anticipate events that are yet to come, and then waiting seems boring, where as when you first read it, it wasn't (boring.)

The plot was thought out, (as always with a Meg Cabot classic) and the characters were devised with perfection.

The writing style is a unique favorite of mine in this book. Regular old numbered chapters. I'm kidding, there is more. Also, every few chapters there is a "Top Ten Reasons Why..." This is an interesting (and as stated before; unique) form to go along with regular chapters.

My only complaint, (though it is a common one) is that Meg did use a few too many saids. (Not that I don't have anything against the word, as long as it is used at appropriate times) I bet you if someone asked Meg about her "said" problem she (or a rep. of her's [aka an editor] ) would claim that "busy, popular authors do not have time to fix little details as small as the way the person says somthing when they are planning bestselling plot lines."


Thanks for letting me get in that late reveiw (and rant quite a bit!!!!!!)



Monday, March 19, 2012

Reasons Why

Bonjour Spring Breakies!!!!!!

I just read the really tense book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. (Hey, who remembers Jay? The co-author of The Future of Us!)

TRW is about a boy named Clay, who finds 7 cassette tapes on his front porch. He finds out that recorded on the tapes are the "thirteen reasons why" a girl Clay knew, (her name was Hannah Baker) killed herself.

As mentioned above, the subject is about a suicide. This is a very intense, and extremely serious subject, and in the book is not taken lightly.

This was a book that I truly liked, and would recommend to anyone to feel they can handle the subject.

The content of the book was great, but I felt that the ending was very contradicting. I was almost satisfied with it, what it had to do with Hannah. Though it more satisfied with the new hope to different story that had just come up.

5 star rating, and again, I would recommend it to anyone.

Now I'm reading Mission Unpopular

Au revior!


Friday, March 16, 2012






I'll keep ya'll updated!!!!

Au revior,