Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today I just want to talk.  About books.  Heehee, I'm funny, right?

Anyway, this summer I'm going to be a book addict.  Well, I am one now, but I swear that I am going to be reading every second that I get.

There are multiple reasons for this; reading is amazing, it's my passion, I have reviews to post on here, I have sequels to read, authors to catch up on, series to finish and so on.

One of my problems about why I can't do that during the rest of the year is that I am an easily distractible person.  So instead of staying with a series until I finish it, I get lost in stand alone novels and things that never get huge fandoms, even though they're really good.  Of course, I eventually finish the series I intended to, and in the process give some lesser known books a chance, but then I end up behind in what everyone is talking about.

Can you see my problem?

However I've always been a reader to not necessarily go with the flow, and I intend to continue with that.  I read books no ones heard of, I try a lot of debut authors, I add poetry, graphic novels, and  to my mix.  I read books over again.  I read classics.  And of course, I do other things with my life too, so it's not like I'm going to become an outcast who only reads, because that wouldn't get me anywhere.

Reading will just always be that quirky part of me that people better like.  :)

Anyway, my blog this summer will have some tastes of interesting things.  I'm not sure yet.  But it never stays the same.


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