Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Post After Construction

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have't been posting, I was on a trip. But I got to do some reading, so I'm here to post for you.

I read the book Please Ignore Vera Deitz by A. S. King (A Printz Honor Book.) A. S. King has also written The Dust of 100 Dogs, another book,( but it's for kids) and is expecting 2 more books later this Fall.

Please Ignore Vera Deitz is about a senior in highschool named Vera. She is still struggling with the death of her best friend, Charlie, which happened months ago. Really though, she is struggling with the mess of secrets and lies he left her with. Now that's not the only thing wrong in Vera's life; she has a drinking problem, she isn't over the fact that her mother left her and her father, and she has an inappropriate relationship with a co-worker at the pizza place she works at. Over all, Vera is a real mess.

Wow, what to say about Vera's story. Let me just start and say that she and Charlie were pretty screwed up. Their lives were crazy, unimaginable, even though everything that happened really could happen.

Vera drove me crazy through out the book, her bad choices, the things that I could see that she should do. And Charlie did too. Everything that he didn't do, and the decisions he made. Uggh, at least it kept me reading. Usually characters that I can't stand keep me turning pages, though.

I will admit, that throughout the story, I loved Vera's father. He was my favorite character, just in everything that he did, the way he did it. He also had such an influence on her.

A. S. King did a great job morphing her plot and characters to fit a crazy book that I could read in a day. I enjoyed King's great style, and can recall leaving the book with a changed mind.

I totally recommend this book, and can't wait to read more by her!!!


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