Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books on My Spring TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

This week's Top Ten is "Top Ten  Books on My Spring TBR List".  

I. My Long Awaited Release

I'm a huge fan of Lauren Oliver and am super excited about her newest book!  The premise is really interesting and I need to get my hands on a copy.

II. The Book With All the Hype

The Winners Curse has gotten a lot of hype lately, so why not?  I think that I can follow a t least a little trending. :D

III. The Book That I Don't Want to Finish

So far, I have adored Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles.  I have had a copy since the day it was released; I even got it signed!  I have just been avoiding really reading it, because as soon as it's over I have to wait a year for Winter.  But putting it off is ridiculous because I've heard only good things, mostly that it's even better than Scarlet.  And I thought that Scarlet was one of the most impressive sequels ever.  I better get a move on, huh?

IV. The Book With the Amazing Cover

'Nuff said.

V. The Book That's Been on My Shelf Since Last Summer

Yeah, I have a bad habit of buying books and not reading them right away.  So I'm going to try and work on that.  

VI. Book That I Saw Months Ago on a Publisher's Catalog

I've been waiting!!!!!!

VII.  Book That Snuck It's Way Home From the Library

It just jumped onto the scanner and into my bag I swear!

VIII.  Book That My Friends Have Reviewed Highly

And isn't the cover just gorgeous!!!

IX.  Book That I Requested From the Library a Long Time Ago and Now Finally is In My Hands

I honestly don't even remember what it was about!  Let's see!

X.  Because the Premise is Adorable

No other words.

In Other News:

I DNF'd Cinder's and Sapphires.  I was sooooo bored.  I'm kind of bummed, though.  It's not that often that I DNF books.


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