Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Armchair BEA Day III

Hi everyone!  This year I am excited to be participating in Armchair BEAwhich is a virtual version of BEA (Book Expo America), designed for book bloggers who, for some reason or another, are unable to attend the actual BEA.  

Today's Topics are as follows:

Expanding Blogging Horizons:

I think expanding blogging horizons means to me the possibility of moving from Blogger to Wordpress.  I've heard lots of positive stories and may make the final change later this summer, but I'm not fully convinced.  I need to contemplate it some more.
In a smaller sense, I think that Expanding my Blogging Horizons is as simple as trying out a new feature, changing the layout, trying different styles of reviews or even just following different kinds of blogs.  I love watching other people's vlogs but I don't think that that is the medium for me (I'm not to fond of my voice on camera), but that's okay, because I have a pretty good niche here! :)

Short Stories/Novellas:

I love short stories.  I think that they give a sense of an author's style without totally revealing their talent for character and plot development, but it is a good taste when your looking around for something new to read.  I also think that they teach writers to learn to cut out the unneeded things and get to the point, no short story is the length of a novel, because then it becomes a novel.  Haha.  Short stories are more forward and have a different pace than novels, which is a fun treat.

Novellas are sort of my enemy.  Okay, that's a little strong, but it's all rooted in the fact that I don't have an e-reader.  I have nothing against e-readers, or people that use them.  I think that they are a great way to get more people reading, and they are convenient for some people.  However, often times Novellas are only released as e-books, so I'm sitting here loving a series and dying for the sequel, but am unable to get a little bit in between because of how I prefer to read my own books.  Now, often times novellas will be grouped together and published as an "anthology" of sorts of novellas for the series, or the novella will be printed in the back of a paperback or new printing of a book, which is fine and dandy with me, because then I have access to them.  I think that I would enjoy novellas more if they weren't so hard to get, or at least were on easier terms.

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  1. I started on blogger almost five years ago and during year 2, switched to a self-hosted wordpress site. i LOVE it! while blogger was fantastic for getting my feet wet and becoming more sure of myself, moving to wordpress gave me so much more control {and a lot i haven't even discovered yet!} now there's so many great tutorials on making the move but you should do what makes the most sense for you and works with your schedule! good luck!