Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini Reviews: July 2014

Mini Reviews:

These are a few books that I've read lately and thought I share a little taste of my opinion.  If you'd like to discuss my full review of any of these titles, shoot my an email. (Info in my "About Me" page).

The Mysterious Benedict Society
Trenton Lee Stuart
I loved re-reading this adorable Middle Grade!  All the characters are so interesting, I want to continue with the story! :D

Carolyn Mackler
While this book was interesting, I didn't really like the format that it was told in.  All of the characters were well developed and unique, but I felt like their stories weren't properly finished.

The Shadow of Blackbirds
Cat Winters
This book was absolutely amazing; a new favorite!  I haven't read much historical fiction lately, but this certainly got me in the mood.  Everything was spooky and I just ate up this book!

The Language Inside
Holly Thompson
This was a heartfelt novel of pain in told in verse.  Definitely for the kindhearted.

If You Find me
Emily Murdoch
This was a serious contemporary, but very much worthwhile.  I was surprised by how much I was sucked in, and by what an eye opener it was.  

Maybe One Day
Melissa Kantor
This was a kind and beautiful best friend story that is sure to tug at the ol' heartstrings.  Very realistic with the emotions of a best friend, I really enjoyed this contemporary.

Far From You
Tess Sharpe
This book was full of interesting stories, a troubling mystery, and a balanced set of characters.  I really like how this book played out, including the climatic ending!

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