Sunday, February 26, 2012

Books, funny things in my life, and pictures...


I have two book reviews to give, first, about the book Letters To Julia by Barbara Ware Holmes. I really enjoyed this book, and I only have a general complaint. During the middle of the book, the two protagonists are really depressed. I think that they were depressed a little long, and I would have believed the same out come with less of a "depressed" drag.

The other book I read was Snail Mail No More by Paula Danziger and Ann M. Martin. This is the sequel to P.S. Longer Letter Later. I really enjoyed the book, except that the ending was really bizarre. I was anticipating an ending after some events, then all of these random events happened. Well, some not really random, but still, they all came same at the same time...

Now for 3 funny things in my life


My Brother: *Picking something up from the back seat of the car* "Mom, why is there a rotten banana in the car?"

My Mom: "Well, it's a long story."


My brother pointing at the night sky and saying, "Look! It's the medium dipper!"


The plain fact that my father says, pellow, melk, and winder instead of pillow, milk, and window.

Now for some pictures!

^--- this is Tucker, a tired puppy!

^---- This is Tucker, a lazy puppy

^---- This is Tucker, a tired, lazy puppy pretending to be a person!

I hope that you enjoyed all of this! 

Au revior,


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