Monday, February 6, 2012



I got bored with Small As an Elephant so I decided to read Gathering Blue by Lois Lowrey. This book is the sequel to The Giver which I read not too long ago!

Anyway, Gathering Blue was fantastic! I loved the characters, and everything was perfect throughout the book. I can't even remember if there was anything I didn't like! Usually I have at least one thing to say that's fairly negative ;)

After finishing that, I started Messenger by Lois Lowrey. This book is the sequel to Gathering Blue. I will say, it doesn't matter if you read The Giver or Gathering Blue first, but you must read both of them before Messenger.

As a bonus, I started Letters to Julia by Barbara Ware Holmes. (This book is not to be confused with the well known story Letters to Juliet)

Au revior!


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