Monday, January 30, 2012

For Keeps


For Keeps by Natasha Friend is an amazing book!!! Everyone remember the other books by Natasha??? Perfect, Bounce, and Lush????? Remember how much I loved those? Well, I love For Keeps just as much!

The protagonist is a 16 year old girl name Josie Gardner. she lives in a small town with her young mother Katie Gardner. Josie and her friend Liv, have a lot of fun as normal 16 year olds, until several episodes in sequence happen, and change everything that the girls have believed.

I don't remember anything, that I found annoying about the book, (besides the fact that I had to read it in the dark ;) )


I can't wait to read more from Natasha!

Anyway, now I'm reading the book Small As An Elephant by Jennifer Jacobson. This book is so interesting! Jennifer is also the author of The Complete History of Why I Hate Her and Stained, among others.

Au revior!


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