Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top 8

Dear Bloggies,

Top 8? Top 8 what? Books? Authors? Chocolates?

No, this is actually the title of the book I finished today.

Top 8 by Katie Finn, is the first book in the Top 8 trilogy. The other two books are called What's Your St@atus? and Unfriended. This is the only series Katie has written.

So... Top 8's protagonist is a girl named Madison MacDonald. She is a typical high-school girl with 4 best friends, and a super hot boyfriend. But when she get's back from Spring Break, where she had no connections to the outside world, she finds her FriendVerse (Like a Facebook or MySpace) has been Hacked!!! And someone has posted all the horrible comments and secrets!!! It seems that nothing is ever going to be the same again.

The way this book appeared was very interesting. A few times, the book showed Madison's actual FriendVerse profile, which had all her info, and shows her "Top 8" (Wait, what the heck is a Top 8? On FriendVerse, you have a list of your Top 8 friends, and at Madison''s school, the order of people in your Top 8 is very serious.) The "meat" of the book is written in regular old chapters.

For the plot and content... The main part of the story is about Madison trying to find out who the heck her hacker was. Well, I got super annoyed with Madison, I thought she was kind of a bratty, oblivious person. Then, I saw through the story, which really ticked me off, because I wanted to really enjoy the story. I realized who the hacker was!!! It was so disappointing. But... I didn't see through the story enough to see something else, so I am sort of torn between weather I like this book extremely so or much.

In the end, I think I have decided that I will rate the book 4 stars, because I could still keep reading even after I had realized the hacker, and Madison ended up being a bearable character

So, that is it. Please have a nice Memorial Day Weekend!



  1. Sounds like a fun series to start!

  2. Yes!!! I'm really excited to keep reading! Last night I stayed up thinking about all the characters. (Then again, I had been re-reading parts of the book before I turned off the light...)