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Before I get started, I just want to say that I did finish Stealing Heaven and I liked it, but I cannot review it. I must leave it at that even if you think that I'm crazy.

So I recently finished I,Q: Independence Hall by Roland Smith.


I,Q: Independence Hall is the first book in the I,Q trilogy, the other two (I,Q: The White House, I, Q: Kitty Hawk) All by Roland Smith.

The protagonist is a boy named Quest (Q) who is the son and step-son of rockstars Blaze Munoz and Roger Tucker. His new step-sister is Angela (Tucker)

In the beginning of the story, Q and Angela's parents are beginning their tour as the most sensational couple in the music industry. Q and Angela live in the bus with them, but their parents are jetting all over the country for T.V interviews and private concerts.

But then things change...


The plot worked well the idea. and I don't recall seeing through it.


I wish the characters would have been a bit more defined, they were a little wishy-washy and flimsy. That would have made the book more worth while.

Writing Style: The style was just regular chapters, but I wish Roland would have used something a little more original. Also, I wish the story had been a bit more descriptive. It was barely enough to get anything except a general picture.

Ending and Beginning: The beginning did truly grab me, and kept me pushing the whole way through the book, except the ending was quite sudden. The only thing that made it barely ok for me was the fact  that the sequel and third book are already available. If I was waiting for it for months I know I would have been sooooooo mad!

In the end I'll rate this book 4 stars, because I liked it, but the ending, style, and characters lost the 5 star.


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