Sunday, November 27, 2011



This book, is so amazing, fantastically written. The plot is woven around and I am very happy to say that I loved every bit of the book, no matter how much I disliked the protagonist in the beginning, (obviously, Bindy is very vital to the story, it was just her personality! Don't let that stop you from reading!!!! She gets better)

Anyway, no matter if you read The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie first or The Year Of Secret Assignments (or any of the others, but those I have no preference of) you will LOVE Jaclyn Moriarty, for she is fabulous.

I would throughly enjoy talking to Jaclyn, and learning how to spin such a story,

As always, keep reading, as will I.

And I will now continue to read Flight #116 is Down. I have know idea if this will even compare to the work of Jaclyn Moriarty, but who knows...

As always and forever,


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