Thursday, March 22, 2012


Bonjour again SPRING BREAKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yestarday I finished the book Mission (Un)Popular by Anna Humphrey. This book is about a (Canadian) 7th grade girl by the name of Margot Buttun. {Interesting name, 'tisn't. But the througout the whole book, I never knew how to properly pronounce "Margot."} Anna is also the author of one other book, Ryhmes With Cupid.

To analyze the title, I think that the reason that it is called "mission (un)popular" is becuse when Margot, and her new friend Em decide to go up against the populars, they think they are becoming "Unpopular" This has an opposite effect.

This book was very see through. To explain; once I knew the characters, and got a feel for the book, I could see the plot. As if I had read the outline before I even started. This a very dissapointing thing to come from an author who I am not too familar with. Now I might refrain from her works.

Now for the characters.

I hated them.

To explain this, I will just say that they were not very nice. The protagonist was stuipid, rude, and disrespectful. As well as the friend who was supposed to be "modeling" those traits .(<------ If you still end of reading this [book], the "modeling" part is pretty funny) The mean girl (Most popular) was mean. The best friend was mean. The goody too-shoes private school girl was mean. The boy friend was mean. The class clown jerk was mean.

IT WAS ALL TOO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

For the most part though, after I got over the characaters, the fact that I could see where everything was going, and that there weren't that many twists, ruined it for me.

I really wouldn't recommend this book.

I hope you are reading some great things!!!!

Au revior!!!


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