Thursday, March 22, 2012

A late Review!!!!

Bonjour Spring Breakies!!!!!!!!111

On my way to spring break, I re-read the book All American Girl by Meg Cabot. The first time I read this book was maybe two years ago. And I might have read it some other time even before that... But I don't really remember.

First, I am going to analyze the title with you. This is going to become something regular because titles are an important part of writign. They have to catch your eye from a book-shelf or a book list. So they must be grabbing (if you will.) Titles are just as important as the content that you write, so this is a very important subject.

All American Girl. Hmmmmmmmmm................?????????????????

For this book, the story is about an American highschool girl. (Named Samantha Madison)  Huh, I think that pretty much summs up our title eh?????

I'm just kidding.

In the book, Sam does do act that makes her seem particularly  American. (Of course, she is still a girl!!!!)

For the content of the book, a clear sign that it was fairly good was the fact that I was re-reading it. Which I  condider a typical thing for a book (that I liked) that alows this. (To explain; there are books that you can re-read anytime, and always love it the whole way through, while when re-reading others you [might possibly] anticipate events that are yet to come, and then waiting seems boring, where as when you first read it, it wasn't (boring.)

The plot was thought out, (as always with a Meg Cabot classic) and the characters were devised with perfection.

The writing style is a unique favorite of mine in this book. Regular old numbered chapters. I'm kidding, there is more. Also, every few chapters there is a "Top Ten Reasons Why..." This is an interesting (and as stated before; unique) form to go along with regular chapters.

My only complaint, (though it is a common one) is that Meg did use a few too many saids. (Not that I don't have anything against the word, as long as it is used at appropriate times) I bet you if someone asked Meg about her "said" problem she (or a rep. of her's [aka an editor] ) would claim that "busy, popular authors do not have time to fix little details as small as the way the person says somthing when they are planning bestselling plot lines."


Thanks for letting me get in that late reveiw (and rant quite a bit!!!!!!)



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