Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flyte or Flight??????????

 Can you guys flye????? Or fly????

I know that I can fly, but....

'Totally kidding! Someday though, I want to fly!!

This morning, I finished Flyte. (Remember? The sequel to Magyk by Angie Sage???)

Anyway, lets analyze the title!!!

Flyte.... Hmmmmmmmmmmm?

Okay, so in the magykal world that the Septimus Heap series takes place, flyte is a lost magykal art, for the few flyte  charms that are used to flye were thought (hint, hint) to be lost a long time ago . With that, and a few more things, (like that some characters and pets learn to fly) Angie decided that the title must  become Flyte.

For the content of the book:

  • The old characters were defined and still were themselves, they didn't change too much in-between books
  • The new characters were explained
  • Some of the questions left over from the last book were answered
  • The continuous "series" plot made sense
  • It was just as funny and "laugh out loud" as Magyk, if not more
  • The writing made me excited to read the next book.
So, I positively recommend this book, only if you read Magyk first, of course!

Now I am beginning to read Summer of My German Soldier. I hope it is good!!!

I will accept book suggestions anytime, so start them commin'!

Au revior,


P.S. The magic word is LOTION!!!!!!!!!!! Uh huh!!!

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