Monday, March 19, 2012

Reasons Why

Bonjour Spring Breakies!!!!!!

I just read the really tense book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. (Hey, who remembers Jay? The co-author of The Future of Us!)

TRW is about a boy named Clay, who finds 7 cassette tapes on his front porch. He finds out that recorded on the tapes are the "thirteen reasons why" a girl Clay knew, (her name was Hannah Baker) killed herself.

As mentioned above, the subject is about a suicide. This is a very intense, and extremely serious subject, and in the book is not taken lightly.

This was a book that I truly liked, and would recommend to anyone to feel they can handle the subject.

The content of the book was great, but I felt that the ending was very contradicting. I was almost satisfied with it, what it had to do with Hannah. Though it more satisfied with the new hope to different story that had just come up.

5 star rating, and again, I would recommend it to anyone.

Now I'm reading Mission Unpopular

Au revior!


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