Monday, August 6, 2012

If this was RL, I think I would die.

Well, not really die, just be totally freakin out! ;)

So, anyway, I'm reviewing the book Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne. Monument 14 is the first novel by Laybourne, although the sequel is expected Summer 2013, and she did write a short story companion to the book called "Dress Your Marines In White" You can read it on Link: 

Monument 14 is from the point of view of Dean, a high schooler who is stuck in a futuristic Supterstore with 13 other kids. 5 other teens. 1 8th grader. And 6 elementary school students. No adults. The world outside is waging with natural disasters. What could go wrong?

When I first read about Monument 14 I was totally excited to see this common RP (Role Play) plot be turned into a novel. 

The writing was lovely, not too wordy, and very to the point. Laybourne managed to develop the characters in a very strategic way. 

The beginning moved a little quickly for me, but all the characters were understandable soon enough. The ending was a little unclear and vague, making me crave the release of the sequel. (Come on Laybourne!)

There were several confusing and seemingly un-needed events and things throughout the story. *SPOILER*. What made Josie suddenly get better? Why did Astrid reveal her pregnancy? Who was the father? What was she implying by asking Dean to stay, because we all know it had nothing to do with their blood type? Why did Caroline and Henry come back?

I will praise Laybourne for keeping the story moving, there was never really any repetition, as you might expect with such an idea, and the plot worked great.

So I will rate this book 4 stars, great read, in the end still had a few unclear questions though.

Now, I'm going to review Dark Passage by M. J. Putney, sequel to Dark Mirror.

Dark Passage starts right where Dark Mirror leaves off. The Irregulars, (The group of Lackland students who embrace their magical ability in secret, vowing to help England) return safely back to 1803. Tory is very firm about not wanting to time travel again, although she and Allarde have a strange feeling that they will go again soon.

I must praise Putney, for her critical development of the characters relationships. First of all, Tory's relationship with Allarde. The pair knew in Dark Mirror that they would have to figure out their relationship after returning to their own time, and figure out they did. Sort of. Following Tory most of the way, the beginning of the book is heart wrenching, and my heart did not heal until towards the middle and end, when their true feelings and acceptance and in full fledge. Although throughout the story, their friends try to get them to talk and often joke about them making up. That was lovely ;) I am excited to be seeing their love flourishes (hopefully!) in the next book, Dark Destiny.

Another relationship that was interesting to follow was the one of Tory and Cynthia, (Tory's unruly room mate back at Lackland.) For a (good) change, Putney focused on Cynthia for numerous chapters, unlike in Dark Mirror where I'm pretty sure every chapter was centered around Tory. With this new point of view, you see into Cynthia in a way you didn't get to see in Dark Mirror, and it is very vital to the development of her relationships and budding personality.

The last relationship to examine is* SPOILER* Cynthia and Jack. In the beginning of the book, the obvious attraction Jack has to Cynthia is very noticeable, and with the new point of view, you get to see how crazily Cynthia reacts. Throughout the story, you see Jack try and try again, as Cynthia little by little starts to like him back. This shows how realistic relationships often bud, and bloom. Happily, in the end, they are a couple.

I have tried very hard, but I don't think that I can say one bad thing about this book. I tried to predict something, but the outcome was totally different. Putney totally nabbed me.

As I said above, I'm anxious to see the aftermath of the last and final book in the trilogy; Dark Destiny. That is the last book to my knowledge, I could be wrong.

Love ya!


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