Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Diary of a Witness


Today, I am going to review the most traumatic book. Ever.

Diary of a Witness is by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Hyde has written numerous other YA and Adult books, her most recent YA; Jumpstart The World.

Diary of a Witness is about a high school boy named Ernie, who is overweight, and kinda an outsider. You're typical obese kid, (although he does like fishing, so that changed the story. A bit.) He has one friend, Will. But Will is not normal. Over the course of almost a year, Ernie finds out the true nature of Will, and it's not pretty.

Wow, this book... Hmmm, how do I put this? This book was hard to read. It was hard to read because if was traumatic and sad and I felt the loss of the characters harshly. Although the writing was fine, and the characters semi-developed (The author doesn't seem to know her characters very well. You should know who you're writing about as well as you know yourself.), this book was nothing special. Everything was a little expected, and being so dark didn't really help.

I think that I really only finished this book to see how it ended, and to make sure that Ernie was o. k. in the end.

I don't think that it was good work in at all, and I don't think I would recommend it to any reader, even ones who like dark stories.

I'm now reading As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott. Elizabeth Scott? The author of Stealing Heaven and Perfect You?  Yes, yes it is.

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