Saturday, August 4, 2012

La la la

Hey everyone!

Remember when I was reading As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott? Well, I finished it, so now it's time to chat.

As I Wake is about Ava, a high school student who woke up one night to not remember who she is. Or so she's been told. There is actually a deepness to the story of Ava's memory loss, and the things she does remember.

At first I was extremely excited to begin As I Wake; it was by an author I trusted, it seemed very intriguing from the blurb on the inside cover, and the first page was grabbing. But as I pursued through the book, I became frustrated, and had to take brakes with other books in between reading. The plot was very vague, the obvious climax was not a very high part of the story, and very it was confusing. The characters weren't all that developed either- excuse me, the main characters weren't developed very well. For some reason, back round characters had more depth than the main ones.

Although the middle and beginning of the book were bearable, the end was totally bizarre. I could barely follow enough to enjoy the end, as it was unclear and rushed.

I don't think that I would recommend this book at all.

Elizabeth Scott has disappointed me, I will hesitate before reading another one of her books or novels.

 And now I am going to review the book The Waters And the Wild by Francesca Lia Block. Block is the author of numerous other YA Novels, among them are The Frenzy and House of Dolls. (P.s. This is the first book by Block that I have read, so the review is crucial to if I'll read her work again)

The Waters and the Wild is about Bee, a struggling, loner, thirteen-year-old, lost in a world that is not quite hers. Join her on a journey to find herself, her true self.

I was very excited to begin to read this, and my excitement continued as I kept reading. I loved the idea, and fell head over heels for the characters. But don't think that it was all just great; the poetry experts and few stanzas of nonsense words were confusing, and didn't seem to fit into the story the way the author intended it to. Also, the switching of point of views was puzzeling, because I could go paragraphs, to even pages thinking I was reading about someone else, or just not sure.  The characters were very flimsy; not see thru, just flimsy. That was disappointing.

The ending was a bit crazy too, it was rushed, and a lot of different, unrelated things just suddenly changed. I did not enjoy that last transition.

I will rate it 3 & 1/2 stars.

That's it folks!


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