Monday, March 11, 2013

Lots to do!

Wow, okay, so I've got a lot to talk about today!  I've got some books that I've read recently, some book store visits to discuss, some literary world updates to give, some releases to be announced, and some other things too!  I'm going to do this in several posts, as to not clutter up.

First Things First,

Review of Two Very Interesting Graphic Novels:

Rapunzel's Revenge being the first one, 

And Calamity Jack being the second.

These two great entertainment pieces, (haha) are by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale, and illustrated by Nathan Hale.

As you might guess by the first title, these two are retellings of the fairy tale Rapunzel. *SPOILERS IN THE FOLLOWING* What we don't know at first, is that in the second installment we find out that Rapunzel's partner and love interest turns out to be Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.  While over the course of the two installments, Rapunzel and Jack's relationship is very gradual and human, almost all other elements are confusing and pointless.  Speaking for CalamityJack the entire "ant" concept was a little too out of my head for me, as was the fact that Rapunzel had been trapped behind a wall her entire life before being locked up in a tower.  While I would like to think that these books were very good, (as I do love author Shannon Hale very much) they just weren't my cup of tea.  All though I the illustrations were very nice.



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