Sunday, March 17, 2013


I have reviewed several Graphic Novel's on here, but I have not shared my love of comics yet on this blog.  That is all about to change.  Today I'm going to review Volume 1 of Morning Glories written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Joe Eisma.

Morning Glory Academy

One of the most prestigious prep schools in the country...But behind it's hallowed doors something sinister and deadly lurks. When six brilliant but troubled new students arrive, they find themselves trapped and desperately seeking answers...and escape from a place where nothing is what it seems to be!

Morning Glories is an enticing and overall comic to begin with.  The characters are whimsical but in a very real way.  The plot was confusing, but not to the point that you can't follow it, just in a way that there's a lot that still has to happen, which is perfect for this kind of format.  I can tell you that I will certainly be reading the other Volumes in the near future, and will continue to follow the comics as they are released.


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