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Review for "Glitches" by Marisa Meyer


"Glitches" is one of the two short stories that author Marisa Meyer has written about "The Lunar Chronicles".  (The other short story being "The Queens Army").

In January 2013 Square Fish printed Cinder (The first book in "The Lunar Chronicles") with several included bonus materials.  This consisted of a Q & A with Marisa Meyer, a Cinder discussion guide, the first chapter of Scarlet (the 2nd book in "The Lunar Chronicles"), and short story "Glitches", previously only available as an e-book or in The Fierce Reads Anthology

"Glitches" focuses on a part of Cinder's life never seen before; when she is elven and first going to live and Adri.  We come to understand that while Adri loved her husband, she didn't exactly support his inventions.  We also come to know that Cinder tried very hard to please Adri and Garan.

The climax of the story is when Garan is taken away with the plague.  It is the only time we as the reader see Adri vulnerable, (*SPOILER* Besides in Cinder when Peony Dies)

When one of the last things Garan says is to "take care of the girl" (referring to Cinder) Adri truly lets her opinion shine through, er, her opinion of Cinder, that is.

Needless to say; "Glitches" gives insight about Cinder and her princess-hood, which we discover in Cinder and certainly learn more bout in Scarlet

"Glitches" is written as "The Lunar Chronicles" 0.5. I agree, chronologically.  In how it fits with the books, I found that it was lovely in between books 1 and 2.


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