Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ghosts at 1:06 in the morning

Last night, I finished The Ghosts of Ashbury High by Jaclyn Moriarty at 1:06 in the morning. Funny how right now I've got about five hours of sleep and should be getting my clothes on; brushing my hair ect. Though I'm sitting in my bed in my pajamas with my hair tangled and matted.

I enjoyed The Ghosts of Ashbury High a lot for numerous reasons . 1) I loved that the book was written in  test essays, letters to ghosts, blogs, blog comments, letters to the dead, angry emails, scholar ship progress reports, and transcripts of The Committee for the Administration of the K. L. Patterson Trust Fund meetings.

2) I loved the odd historical note in this book, that I haven't seen Jaclyn use ever before. I was greatly impressed

3) The style was different, this wasn't really a "webbed story" I felt the book had a "webbed plot" where not everything had to do with the big thing in the end, for there were several discoveries in the last pages of the book

4) The characters are so much more developed now that they've bounce across books, I loved it!!!

Of course, I give the book a 5 (outta 5) rating and hope you consider Jaclyn's Ashbury Brookfield Legacy, (I have 1 more to read!!!!!)

Now I must go,


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