Thursday, December 15, 2011

"You never did learn to knock"

Yesterday I finished a book called You Never Did Learn To Knock Selected by Bel Mooney.

This book was a collective anthology of stories about girls and their mothers. (14 stories)

I enjoyed the book for the most part, except for the fact that more than half the stories were from Britain, and all their slang like "mum" and "pet" got a little annoying to read, just because I'm not used to that in my everyday language. (But, they probably wouldn't be used to "mom" or "honey")

Over all, I give this book a fairly high review, except for all the british stuff.

*Note This book is non-fiction

Sorry that this is the most I've posted in a while, I've been reading a lot, just thicker books! :)

Word of the day: Bunchgrass- any of various grasses of many genera that grow in tufts or clumps rather than forming a sod or a mat.

Quote of the day "A man who wants time to read and write must let the grass grow long"- Sloan Wilson

Have fun with your grass quote!


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