Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Dancing Lights

Cool white

Pulsing water, pouring from the faucet

Swirling soap, finding the emptiest crooks and crannies

Knuckles, hot pink, right hand

Skin, tight, pulled over the body, tensed by soap

Hair, clinging to head, swing in face

Eyes squinted, and flashing with light

Bubbly warmth seeping and swishing in ears

The clicking as the air bubbles escape

Sudden pain

Your foot just slipped under the faucet

The water is that hot?

Turn it off.




Notice your hands,

Wrinkles, over lapping

A shivery old person taking a bath.

Not really, you realize


Water, colder, splashing over your body

Towel, steamish, having sat in the bathroom, waiting.

Tousle hair

Smooth legs

Rub arms

Notice your blurry reflection

Write in the mirror

Use your arm to wipe off the fog

There is your face, as clear as day

Though night time sounds echo from the windows

You stare into the eyes

Bright, alert,

Lashes flashing



You are alone,  for a moment

In the house, it seems

Even though there are people moving, all around

Pajamas, slip on

Teeth brush

Face scrub

Hand reaches for the door-nob

Leave this moment of peace?

Leave this time for yourself?

Why not, life would be too lonely with out anyone

to bang on your door and complain of the time

to trick you and steal things of yours

to embarrass you

or to love no matter what

spend time when you are down

keep themselves open to ideas, no matter how silly.

Hand grasping the nob, you fling yourself into reality

and it hits you

But it hits a you that is clean


open minded

and had already been missing those

waiting outside

as the minutes passed

while you soaked

and washed

and relaxed

with warm soapy water

and happy dancing lights


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  1. So what do you think? I dreamt this up while in the bathtub ;)